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Filtrex offers the commercial, retail and restaurant industries the most cost effective HVAC/R asset tracking, coil cleaning, preventative maintenance and evaluation solutions nationally.

By combining these services, Filtrex is able to provide a level of quality, value, and detail unmatched by competitors. We provide the most comprehensive coil cleaning program at a competitive price. Our electronic reporting includes a number of common HVAC/R repair problems along with photos and asset information.

The Filtrex HVAC/R reporting is placed online including CSV files for raw data giving our customers the ability to track and evaluate the effectiveness of their service and maintenance programs.

HVAC/R Preventative Maintenance, Coil Cleaning, Evaluation and Asset Tracking Solution all for less than what most of our competitors charge to perform a detailed PM. Contact us at: (888) 859-8911

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Keep Running with Filtrex HVAC Coil Cleaning and Maintenance

Properly working equipment is critical for keeping both employees and customers happy and productive. For the average business, a lost day of productivity would be catastrophic for the bottom line. Keeping HVAC units maintained and utilizing preventative HVAC coil cleaning is a cost-effective way to minimize financial risk and keep employees working throughout the summer.

Employees deserve to be treated right, and they won't hesitate to complain if they are not happy in their environment. The past few summers have seen more major heat waves than ever before, and business is just starting to pick up. Imagine what may happen if an entire HVAC system stopped working in the middle of an average work day due to dirty HVAC Coils needing cleaned. Not only would the company have to send employees home, any customers would likely leave as well, never to come back again.

Emergency HVAC repairs can be made at a cost, but it makes much more sense to perform the preventative maintenance before disaster strikes. Filtrex's HVAC/R Coil Cleaning increases efficiency & prevents costly breakdowns. Even if the day is not too sweltering, and employees are able to stay working for the rest of the day, their productivity will not be up to its usual standards. Lines at the water cooler will grow, and quality will definitely not be at its best.